Sale of images

The copyright of all these images lies with me. However for the images of the Brighton graffiti, reproduction rights also lie with the original artist. Although the aim of the graffiti photographs is to create an historic image library, I sell high resolution jpegs* of all images for £20. In the case of graffiti art, if you are the artist, I will of course share this fee with you but you will need to let me know which art is yours (and be able to prove it in some way – any information I am given will of course remain confidential). I am also able to provide inkjet printed copies of all images up to A3 in size (along the longest edge) – use my contact page for more details.

* Some images have been taken with my smartphone so will be around 2MB, others with a slightly more expensive camera so will be be much larger files.

I am also able to provide, post free, A4 sized iron-on sheets with your chosen image to be applied to pale coloured clothing (ideally a white T-shirt). Please note: these iron-on sheets will not work on medium coloured or dark coloured materials. This way you can create your own, probably unique, T-shirt design! These sheets are £25 each: you need to provide your own T-shirt! I will also provide instructions on how to iron-on the colour transfer.

The image reference number can obtained by rolling the cursor over the thumbnail image

Graf15 172
Graf15 173



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